Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goin Green !!

The First Rain showers of the Monsoon has ushered in an era of Greenery, which sharply contrasts with the man-made tarmac road. This gave me an Idea of naming this post as Going Green...

Here are Ten ways to Go Green and there's a website on the Going Green theme here.. and Google will give you about 142,000,000 results on the Going Green phrase....
This has given birth to a new form of Politics called the Green Politics and a number of Organisations under the Green Banner...

But the question is - Will our Lives turn Green ?

Greenery is in roots of earth,
outside there is it's dearth.
Rains have ceased to dry,
summers are just passing by.
All the hell that air surrounds,
clouds the sky by leaps and bounds.
Its a bane if not goin to decrease,
threats to melt, our breaths will freeze.
To see this ideal planet of life,
perishing in this human strife
Of ignoring love & soaring hate,
why not believe its never too late.
To pick a positive shade of tryst,
from the nature's love and mist.
Its a hope to raise the blooms,
All the world in greenish rooms.
That prosper to let possible a birth
Greenery is in root of earth!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stone Hooves - Soldier and Horse's Feet

This is a very Late Entry for the June Month's Theme - FEET, on City Daily Photo portal... Click here to view thumbnails for all participants...

The picture is in a village in Karwar, where stone/earthen/wooden images of "Soldier on a Horse" are offered by women Praying for the safe return of their men from a battle; and now the custom continues in the form of earthern images being offered, for the safe return of their men from abroad, where they go for seeking employment.

Most of the youth from these villlages were employed in the Gulf countries since decades, and now many are in different other countries too. Some of the Youth work in Shipping Lines, both cargo and passenger, and also the Indian Military forces. Naturally, being worried about their well-being, their mothers, wives and sisters, praying for their safe and successful return, offer these statues to the local diety.

Another picture of the Entire collection of Statues, is here :-

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Introducing.... Mr. Snail !!

The word snail is a common name for almost all members of the molluscan class Gastropoda that have coiled shells in the adult stage. When the word snail is used in a general sense, it includes sea snails, land snails and freshwater snails.
Snails lacking a shell or having only a very small one are usually called slugs. Snails that have a broadly conical shell that is not coiled or appears not to be coiled are usually known as limpets.
The class Gastropoda (the snails and slugs) is second only to insects in terms of total number of species. Snails are extraordinarily diverse in habitat, form, behavior, and anatomy. Therefore, what is true of one snail species may not be true of another.
Snails can be found in a wide range of environments from ditches, deserts, and the abyssal depths of the sea. Although most people are familiar with terrestrial snails, land snails are in the minority. Marine snails have much greater diversity and a greater biomass. The great majority of snail species are marine. Numerous kinds can be found in fresh water and even brackish water. Many snails are herbivorous, though a few land species and many marine species are omnivores or predatory carnivores.
Snails that respire using a lung belong to the group Pulmonata, while those with gills form a paraphyletic group, in other words, snails with gills are divided into a number of taxonomic groups that are not very closely related. Snails with lungs and with gills have diversified widely enough over geological time that a few species with gills can be found on land, numerous species with a lung can be found in freshwater, and a few species with a lung can be found in the sea.

And here is a Snail Poem...
It hasn't any windows
It hasn't any doors
Although it has a ceiling
It hasn't any floors
'Twas built without a builder
A hammer or a nail
Because you see this funny house
Belongs to Mr Snail.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

A Monsoon Flower in Full Bloom

This Lily was clicked at my friends house, and is said to bloom only during the Monsoons, after sunset.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day Break at Karwar Beach

This picture was taken, Just after the Sunrise at Karwar Beach...
and found this wonderful poem to go along with it....
Though the poem is about a sunset, I guess it goes well with the picture.


- Galway Kinnell

On the tidal mud, just before sunset,

dozens of starfishes

were creeping. It was

as though the mud were a sky

and enormous, imperfect stars

moved across it as slowly

as the actual stars cross heaven.

All at once they stopped,

and, as if they had simply

increased their receptivity

to gravity, they sank down

into the mud, faded down

into it and lay still, and by the time

pink of sunset broke across them

they were as invisible

as the true stars at daybreak.

Source - Here

Monday, June 15, 2009

a ZEN sunset

Only the idea of self remains
Floating on a sea of cells;
Only heartbeats short of eternity
In breath after breath we dwell.

- Mike Garofalo, Above the Fog

About Zen Poetry and Haiku, see here....and here...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest

Ralph Waldo Emerson
I'll take your precious hand in mine

as we walk through our enchanted forest

just you and I together

without a care in the world

under the greenwood canopy

fabolous framework of awe

we will ramble in sheer joy

with the soft moss underfoot

knowing our magnetic love

is custom made for us

I'll show you all the wonders

of mother nature's awesome design........

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Haiku Sunset

Dancing in twilight

glow worms invade the garden,

joy in slow motion

Blue, pink, green, yellow

sea of sensuous silk, surrounds

daily morning angst

Office gossip climbs

in crowded elevators

to the top story.

Soft soothing ice cream

absorbs melting emotions,

like a trusted friend.

God’s electric smile

cajole monsoon clouds shower

mercy on parched earth.

Lark’s spring twitter tweet

torments lonely shy Raven,

memory bitter sweet

Smitten by Autumn

wind, leaves dance in a circle.

Hush contemplation


by the Fall spirit, crisp leaves

stagger to the ground.

Source - Here

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Red Lily

Your lips are like a southern lily red,
Wet with the soft rain-kisses of the night,
In which the brown bee buries deep its head,
When still the dawn's a silver sea of light.

Your lips betray the secret of your soul,
The dark delicious essence that is you,
A mystery of life, the flaming goal
I seek through mazy pathways strange and new.

Your lips are the red symbol of a dream,
What visions of warm lilies they impart,
That line the green bank of a fair blue stream,
With butterflies and bees close to each heart!

Brown bees that murmur sounds of music rare,
That softly fall upon the langourous breeze,
Wafting them gently on the quiet air
Among untended avenues of trees.

O were I hovering, a bee, to probe
Deep down within your scented heart, fair flower,
Enfolded by your soft vermilion robe,
Amorous of sweets, for but one perfect hour!
Source - here

Monday, June 8, 2009

This way to Heaven....


Mid-May to June Fisrt Week is the time,
when the Clouds travel over the oceans and the seas, and 
come to meet at the foot of the Western Ghats, 
Just above the Western Coastal Line of our region.... 
At first the Whitest Clouds drop the anchor on the Western Ghats, 
waiting for the fellow Clouds.... 
And then the rest of the Gang turns up raising the Heat and the Dust, 
turning themselves into the Darkest Grey, and they 
begin the Wettest and the Wildest Party (Gathering) that 
will last for around Three months or so.... 
Simultaneously the Party moves up the Ghats and the Plains, 
where the Wet and Wild Revelry continues... 
Leaving behind Greenery and Water everywhere, 
in the Aftermath of the Party - called the Monsoons....

( and this is not a Poem... :-) )
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Palms' Silhouette

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Silhouette of Palm Trees
A silhouette is a view of an object or scene consisting of the outline and a featureless interior, with the silhouetted object usually being black.

Silhouette of my soul

The dark mountain behind me looks so different
For every time I look it’s changed
My soul has the same identity
For when I think I have finally got it under control
The silhouette changes

The mountain starts it day dark with a siloute that defines it
My soul is always in dark
The mountain gets more defined as sun comes up
My soul is always dark
The mountain end up dark again
The silhouette changes

My soul starts it day
Always hung-over from last days confusing silhouettes
so I begin clawing my way out of the deep hole
Even in sleep my soul is confusing
I dream about things that always seem in the dark

Then one of my silhouettes comes up and shines all the darkness away
Bring a smile to day that started with a mountain of undefined silhouettes
I can hold this in place as long as I need it, because I do…always
So when the darkness approaches to make the mountain undefined
It silhouette lost again my silhouette of counterfeit dies a death everyday
In comes the dark

Drunk again with so many silhouettes of my soul that want to be
I fall down under my mountain of darkness in a silhouette
My soul surrounded by light, but the face of my soul in the dark
Hidden the truth of what all these moments mean
So I pass out drunk on confusion for the next day will be the same

The silhouette of my soul

John Doe

This picture was taken at Kadwad village, from the Paddy fields, just after the sunset. It did rain a bit after a few seconds of clicking this picture. The location was the venue for the yearly feast of a local diety, and the whole village was taking part in the festivities.
I didnt know the picture would turn out like this, and God knows what else can a Nokia N-70 mobile-cam can do...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Visitors from Heaven.... - a dialogue with clouds

a dialogue with clouds

 By DogFish

    free wanderers

         take me with you
             on your laughing flights of fancy

            set me on your shoulders to share your joy

fanciful daydreamer

we are water-bearers
                driven by the whims of winds half mad
        crossing borders clandestine in the night
      "sans papiers"

burden bearers   unthanked

 let me climb upon your cumulus mountains

and marshmallow castles
             to dwell in your canyons of cotton and wool

 climb you cannot

                 though our illusions reach to the limits of the heights

our castles are mists

our canyons but breezes
      our mountains are what you breathe
wipe the sleep from your eyes dreamer

 but let me lie in your muslin cirrus hammocks

as the world floats by below
   let me see
as you do the dreaming seasides from above
         let me watch
                            as you do  the yawning prairies roll

 yes we would if we could lift you aloft

    -to see the weeping of the unconsoled
                         and make you spill as we do tears of empathy upon mankind
                   -to see the earth ravaged and robbed    bereaved of her children
            then in a flash of light you would awaken and thunder as we do
                                                        we the ragged vagabonds of the sky

Source - http://allpoetry.com/poem/5372303 

Poet Profile - http://allpoetry.com/DogFish

This picture is also for Skywatch Friday, could'nt figure out the Html script to paste in this post, though.... 

The location is Kali River, at Kodibag side in Karwar, and the picture was shot from the Kali Bridge.....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clouds Silver Lined....

On the morning of the 30th of May 2009, as I was checking the Comments on my Blog i found a Comment by CDP Blogger Shantaram saying - "congratulations on becoming a 'Blog of Note' on Blogger !! Well, I thought this cant be, and there are better pictures and photographers ont he world wide web and the CDP Portal than me.... And mine is only a 2 Meg Pix Nokia Mobile Camera, with just OK ok kind of photos....... Then I run a search for "Blogs of Note"  on Google, and I find this Page with the name of my Blog in it.......... Wow !!

The words "Happy, Joyous, Ecstatic, Euphoric, Overwhelmed, Excited" were too inadequate to express my feelings... I could'nt anything but Count the number of Comments, Number of Followers that shot up to 175 from a mere 14 in the preceding week, and  was content in expressing my Gratitude to the Comments, reciprocate to the support of my Followers, send Mails to all my friends, and gaze at my Blog page for hours together.... 

My Life as a Blogger changed after the 29th of May 2009, Thanks to the Google Blogs Team at Blogs of Note, and the Recognition, Support, Appreciation, Blog Followers, consequent to my Blog being featured on the Blogs of Note page.... 

Then on the 31st of May 2009, I saw this Page at Blog-Bee, with Words of Appreciation of my Blog.... But nothing beats the feeling that I experienced on seeing my Blog in the Blogs of Note, and I can say that I attained the Blogger Nirvana......

True, Blogging also has a Silver Lining......

Thanks to All !!