Friday, June 5, 2009

Visitors from Heaven.... - a dialogue with clouds

a dialogue with clouds

 By DogFish

    free wanderers

         take me with you
             on your laughing flights of fancy

            set me on your shoulders to share your joy

fanciful daydreamer

we are water-bearers
                driven by the whims of winds half mad
        crossing borders clandestine in the night
      "sans papiers"

burden bearers   unthanked

 let me climb upon your cumulus mountains

and marshmallow castles
             to dwell in your canyons of cotton and wool

 climb you cannot

                 though our illusions reach to the limits of the heights

our castles are mists

our canyons but breezes
      our mountains are what you breathe
wipe the sleep from your eyes dreamer

 but let me lie in your muslin cirrus hammocks

as the world floats by below
   let me see
as you do the dreaming seasides from above
         let me watch
                            as you do  the yawning prairies roll

 yes we would if we could lift you aloft

    -to see the weeping of the unconsoled
                         and make you spill as we do tears of empathy upon mankind
                   -to see the earth ravaged and robbed    bereaved of her children
            then in a flash of light you would awaken and thunder as we do
                                                        we the ragged vagabonds of the sky

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This picture is also for Skywatch Friday, could'nt figure out the Html script to paste in this post, though.... 

The location is Kali River, at Kodibag side in Karwar, and the picture was shot from the Kali Bridge.....