Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goin Green !!

The First Rain showers of the Monsoon has ushered in an era of Greenery, which sharply contrasts with the man-made tarmac road. This gave me an Idea of naming this post as Going Green...

Here are Ten ways to Go Green and there's a website on the Going Green theme here.. and Google will give you about 142,000,000 results on the Going Green phrase....
This has given birth to a new form of Politics called the Green Politics and a number of Organisations under the Green Banner...

But the question is - Will our Lives turn Green ?

Greenery is in roots of earth,
outside there is it's dearth.
Rains have ceased to dry,
summers are just passing by.
All the hell that air surrounds,
clouds the sky by leaps and bounds.
Its a bane if not goin to decrease,
threats to melt, our breaths will freeze.
To see this ideal planet of life,
perishing in this human strife
Of ignoring love & soaring hate,
why not believe its never too late.
To pick a positive shade of tryst,
from the nature's love and mist.
Its a hope to raise the blooms,
All the world in greenish rooms.
That prosper to let possible a birth
Greenery is in root of earth!


blorange dice said...

I do hope things increasingly get more green.

Great post! That picture is lovely.

April said...

Beautiful picture and wonderful poem!

In order to preserve green spaces for our children and grandchildren we have to love nature more than we love money.

K. Malik said...

your pictures of serenity fuel my ever-expanding imagination where I seek refuge.

Anonymous said...