Monday, August 31, 2009

Ganesh @ My Home - continued...

This is the Larger picture of Lord Ganesh installed at my Home....
Decorated with minimum Flowers, sitting on a Lotus, with the Blue Sky and the Swans in the Background.
The Idol was designed, made and painted by the Prabhakar Achari Family of Sadashivgad, and
the Background, the pedestal/Mantap decoration/design is of my friend Roshan Gaongerikar.
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Belated Greetings for the Ganesh Festival !

I am back after a long gap, and after the Festival of Lord Ganesha with the picture of Lord Ganesh with his consorts - Siddhi and Buddhi, which was installed at my home...
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Off to a Spluttering Start....

A Sand - Boat takes off at the Kodibag jetty with six people on board, to 10 - 15 kms upstream of the Kali River to extract Sand from the River Bed.

The traditional fishermen and those extracting sand have been on the collision course in the last few years. Environmentalists say that indiscriminate sand mining in the rivers has affected the fishing population and other marine species. Officials have failed to stop the unscrupulous activity though many species are on the verge of extinction.
“Indiscriminate sand mining is posing a threat to six major dams built across Kali river. Officials have failed to prevent sand mining in estuaries which will have an adverse effect on marine organisms,” said V.N. Naik, professor of marine biology in Karnataka
Though the department issues permits to contractors only for 90 days and permits only 1,000 tonnes to be extracted from the marked area, most contractors flout it. The sand is being transported to Goa though the permit allows only local consumption, said sources.
The sand mining lobby is operating right under the nose of mine and geology officials in Uttara Kannada district. The mafia’s reach became evident recently when some activists stopped a cargo ship which was illegally carrying 2,000 tonnes of sand to Maldives. It was only after series of a protests that the district administration swung into action against the scam.

There are 150 boats operating and out of 42 Sand Mining Contractors, only 8 Contractors have proper Licenses, issued by the Mines and Geology Department.

The action of the mine and geology (M&G) department of Karwar that allowed sand mining from the Kali River, has put the lives of thousands of commuters who travel by Konkan railway on the Kali bridge in danger. The Konkan railway bridge, which is 1.5 km long, built across the river Kali, over which 20 trains traverse daily, is facing threats due to sand mining. The bridge is built at the place of confluence of the Kali river and Arabian Sea and so naturally, the pressure of the water is high in this area. Despite this, the M&G department has granted some companies permission to mine sand from this area. Source
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Monsoon Contrasts

An array of contrasting colors brought by the Monsoon... Muddy Red, Green and Dark Green, White, Grey, dark Grey, Browns etc...
All the lines inthis Picture meet at a single point on the Left of the picture... It just happened by chance... I am not the one to select and shoot - I am not that very professional... Most of it is point and shoot, wit my point and shoot fixed aperture, No optical zoom, 2 meg pix mobile camera.. Anyways, its for you to judge...
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Friday, August 7, 2009

As the Crow flies...

"As the crow flies" is an idiom referencing the shortest route between two points. The phrase is attested in print as early as 1800. Source. In measuring the extent of pollution of a plant/factory, All distances are to be measured as the crow flies...

This thought came to me seeing this crow perched on the boat...
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ground Beneath the Lamp-post....

The Tagore Beach at Karwar, was subject to heavy erosion this time, due to the rising sea-levels.
The erosion took its toll on the Lamp Post, and took away the ground beneath the pole. How deep the pole was buried, is visible from the earth-mark visible on the concrete portion of the pole...
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fishing at the Breakwater

Enjoying a respite fromthe severe Monsoons, I took a Break to visit the Breakwater, and there this boy was patiently waiting for a fish to eat his bait....
The monsoons have made the Arabian Sea Waters look muddy, and the waves seemed to have calmed down a bit, after devouring metres of shorelines all around Karwar and causing massive erosion...
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Devbagh and Kurumgad Island - View from the Top

The Western view from the Top of the Sadashivgad Hill-Fort....
This is the confulence of the Kali River, the Mavinholl River/backwater and the Arabian Sea....
The entire dark-green-casurina-tree-covered area is the Devbagh Casurina Forest in which there is the Jungle Lodges Resort...

P.s. -
The small muddly line that you see at the right hand of the picture, is my Sunday-Cycling-Trail... :-)
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Sadashivgad/Chittakula - View from the Top

The Northern view from the Top of the Sadashivgad Hill-Fort.... The National Highway no.17 passes through the grren vegetation and the far-away Hills towards Goa.... The entire coconut tree-covered area is Sadashivgad, Chittakula and Devbagh villages of Karwar...
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Train Pulls in.... August Theme - Night

This picture is at the Karwar Konkan Railway Station, and the Netravati Express, finally, pulls in at 12-45 a.m. after a pretty long wait of nearly 80 minutes. The train was scheduled at 11-05p.m., and waiting at a Rural Station is a pain, and it was raining all the time...

Trains run late during the monsoons, as there are unexpected landslides, water logging, etc., on the tracks somewhere, but waiting so much time, without any indication of the right time, makes us run out of patience.... Another post of the Railway station - here.

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The Mountains and the Fields

in the empty house

monks chant in Gaelic

a woman keens

for lost children

stretched on the couch

an old man fingers

the emerald beads

of a rosary

the last rites of dreaming

about rain-soaked green

fields, shining blue mountains

possibilities beyond

the dust-infused air