Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Train Pulls in.... August Theme - Night

This picture is at the Karwar Konkan Railway Station, and the Netravati Express, finally, pulls in at 12-45 a.m. after a pretty long wait of nearly 80 minutes. The train was scheduled at 11-05p.m., and waiting at a Rural Station is a pain, and it was raining all the time...

Trains run late during the monsoons, as there are unexpected landslides, water logging, etc., on the tracks somewhere, but waiting so much time, without any indication of the right time, makes us run out of patience.... Another post of the Railway station - here.

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John said...

Atmospheric, even if it was a wet and boring wait for the train.

mackproject said...

This is a really great blog you have going on.

workhard said...

seems like the train station is deserted..

but a nice pic

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