Monday, September 28, 2009

Death of a Hump-back Whale

The whale, trapped in the sand, was noticed by the fishermen on Thursday evening itself. The high tide in the sea might have masked its visibility. It was thought that the whale might swim back into the sea during night. But low tide obstructed its journey into deep waters. As a result, the aquatic mammal developed high blood pressure, which proved fatal. People thronged the shore to have a glimpse of the mammoth animal.
Prof V N Naik of Marine Biology Department, Karnatak University informed the Forest Department about the whale.
The efforts of Gopashitta Range Forest Officer K D Naik to lift the 3-tonne whale from water, using ropes went in vain. The carcass was later extricated using a JCB during low tide, and buried in a 35 feet pit, after a post-mortem.
Professor V N Naik told Deccan Herald that a skeleton of a 40-foot long whale that was washed ashore in 1973 has been preserved in the University and the authorities concerned would be requested to donate the skeleton of Humpback whale to the science centre.
Whales have been classified as endangered species and they usually come near the shore either in search of food or when chased by sharks. Generally measuring 100 feet in length, whales are found at a depth of 200 to 600 meters in the sea. Hunting whales is an offence under Wildlife Protection Act. Source - Deccan Herald

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Responding to my fellow Blogger J.C. - Yes I was one of the fortunate few people who saw the whale and took the Pictures. The sight left me with immense Grief.

I remember a few years back, we, the members of the Karavali Youth Adventure Club (KAYAC), Karwar, had found a Nine foot long Injured and Dead Porpoise - like Fish on the Tagore Beach at Karwar, durng the Monsoons. We had informed the local Fisheries Department and had later buried the mammal. It was like burying one of our own kind....


Leif Hagen said...

Very interesting but truly sad to see the death of the whale! An amazing sea creature!

Jacob said...

We usually have a few whales beach themselves on Florida's shores every year. Often people from local marine institutions along with volunteers attempt to carry them out to sea, but it seems such attempts are frequently unsuccessful.

Kcalpesh said...

Poor creature! I believe some solution should be thought of to avoid such mishaps! I haven't seen a whale ever from so close!

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nituscorner said...

goodness i never saw a whale from such close quaters. it must have been an amazing sight. A sad death though.

Izzy said...

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