Monday, February 2, 2009

A Pig crossed my Path - February Theme - Paths and Passages

"Man looks down on dog
Cat looks down on Man
But pig stares Man in the eye
And sees his equal"
- Sir Winston Churchill
This is the Second Picture Post for the February Theme - Paths and Passages, and its a Pig Crossing my path. This pic was taken last week at Mashem, just after Karwar. And Yes, it was not unlucky for me. But it would have been unlucky for the Pig, as it was crossing the busy National Highway no.17 - Karwar-Goa Highway. The pig was fortunate, cos nothing of that sort happened. :-)
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Felicia said...

Both photos for the February theme day are very interesting, but I like the pig especially. You were really fast to catch it with your camera!

Kris said...

Great capture. I hope that the pig looked both ways before crossing.

Julie said...

excellent photo. great color and interesting image. thanks for stopping by my website.

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