Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pathway across the River. - February 2009 Theme

I found and captured this foot bridge at Amdalli Fishing port. Its essentially a fishing bridge with wooden planks to block the water from moving out during the low-tide, to catch/trap the Fish that had moved in during the High tide.

The Theme for the month February 2009 is "Paths and Passages" on CITY DAILY PHOTO portal... Click here to view thumbnails for all participants
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Jazzy said...

i like your choice, very much.
happy theme day!

Anonymous said...

hello friend!....would you mind if we xlinks? link is, feel free to check it out...take care friend ^_^

Hilda said...

This is a wonderful choice for theme day! It really gives me a sense of what it's like there. I think I'd get dizzy if I try walking on that pathway! ;D

Yogesh, the February Theme Day page links to your January 31 post. I think it picked up the first post which has the code.

You're supposed to paste the code only in the post for the first of the month. The theme is only for one day, not the entire month. Hope that helps.

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