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Tranquility Defined - January Theme - Best Photo of 2008

Tranquility Defined :-
Tranquility is an alert condition during which ones usual worries and anxieties no longer have control. This leads to a state of clarity in which insight occurs. In simple words, tranquility can be compared to the clearness of the water. It is not the stillness or movement, it is the clearness, that is tranquility. The tranquility of your mind can exist both in stillness and movement.

(Pic of the Kali River clicked at Karwar in Hankon Joog village)
Tranquility is the same thing as relaxation, because when you are tranquil you are relaxed.
Achieving Tranquility can be done by simply watching our breath. But the mind is not used to it and will be distracted the moment you start sitting in meditation watching your breath. The mind will try to unsettle you with anxious thoughts, tempt you with happy thought’s, if all else fails it will throw in a few exotic thoughts.
For example if you are a musician, your mind may distract you with the promise of new tunes. And if you are a painter it may suggest pictures to you. But you don’t have to worry that you will lose tracks of these creative insights, if you continue with your meditation. Each of these distractions arises and then passes away so they should simply be observed.
The Value Of Thinking Meditation is the friend of thought and shows that it is not thought that is wrong, but our uncontrolled way of thinking. Meditation helps us to make better use of our thinking, to become part of the clearness rather than the confusion.
The tranquility experienced in meditation will help your mind to become less cluttered and help in thinking more quickly and clearly; examine arguments more thoroughly; see through problems more readily and look at issues more objectively.
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Click here to view thumbnails for all participants This is the Last Photo for the January Theme - Best Photo of 2008. All through the month I have posted pictures of my town Karwar assuming that all are the Best ones that I clicked. I give no accolades to my photography skills, but the fact I know and have realised long back is that Karwar is a town with lot of Scenic places and opportunities for Landscape Photography. I have tried to make best of it, with my Nokia N-70 2 Meg Pix Mobile Camera. And I am constantly trying... to get the illusive one Best Photo...


Babooshka said...

It looks so peaceful

Julie said...

A photo of tranquility. Very nice. I enjoyed my time traveling to India. It is a wonderful place for photography with much diversity.

Aman said...

really as peaceful as can be in the summer sun.

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