Friday, January 2, 2009

Green - January Theme - Best Photo of 2008

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Green is money 
green is my truth 
Green is honey 
on my roof 
Green is my god 
green is land 
Green is a wad 
of contraband 
Green is a color 
green is my name 
Green is the dollar 
that put me in shame 
Green is grass 
green is my car 
Green is a mass 
on a distant star 
Green is my breath 
green is my greed 
Green was the death 
of my spititual seed 
Green runs over 
green runs deep 
Green is the rover 
that warrants my keep 
Green is my love 
green is the beginning 
Green is above 
my personal sinning 
Green is peace 
green is a tree 
Green is an aura 
that helps me to be 
Green is my soul 
green is my heart 
Green is my goal 
to heal me to start 
Green is the mountain 
green is the sea 
Green is a fountain 
that washes o'er me 
Green is a place 
green is learning 
Green is this race 
that keeps on burning
Green is the world 
green are the people 
Green are hurled 
under a steeple 
Green is the grace 
green is meek 
Green is a face 
that I will seek 
Green is forgiving 
green is rising 
Green is for living 
and compromising 
Green is a planet 
green is a kingdom 
Green is a pallet 
of colors of wisdom 
Green is this word 
green has meaning 
Green is a bird 
flying and leaning 
Green is my life 
green is my way 
Green will strive 
to keep me at bay 
Green is not money 
green is my truth 
Green is honey upon my roof..... 

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babooshka said...

The words and the image go sos well together. Good choice.