Friday, January 30, 2009

Just another Day at Polem Beach - January Theme - Best Photo of 2008

None can notice the Life go by at the Polem Beach. Its a peculiar "non-Goa" kind of beach, with absolutely no commercialism, no beach shacks, no sunbathers, no crowds whatsoever...
Its a place where one can dissolve into one-self, and not know at all !!
This same beach attitude continues Southwards to the next beach at Tilmati in Majali, Karwar.

Somehow, even after all these years, Polem beach seems to have missed the tourism bus. So you beach purists, this one’s for you. This is one beach where chances are you’d still see a middle-aged guy, bronzed with the sun, in a loin cloth and a small pot slung across his waist, feeling his way up a coconut palm to fetch some toddy. A rare sight in the otherwise commercialized coast of Goa. Polem beach is way down south, almost threatening to slip into Karnataka. But it’s worth a trip. Source
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