Saturday, February 28, 2009

Climbing the Coconut Tree

Climbing a coconut is a technique, which very few people are a master of. As the society progresses, people feel it inferior to climb coconut trees. Then how will anyone harvest/remove the coconuts that grow on the toip of the trees.... However, people who know to climb coconut trees are in high demand, in these coastal towns, like Karwar.

This man has wound coconut-coir rope around his feet that grip the ridges of the coconut tree. With this support, he hoists himself up the tree, step by step, till he reaches the top. Then he takes support of the stem of the green coconut fronds, and plucks the coconuts from the tree.

If you want to learn the climbing technique see this page, another and this. This is a humourous page about a Training Course to climb coconut trees. Google search gave me 188,000 results for this Topic Subject...
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