Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mangroves in Karwar

The word "Mangrove" is considered to be a combination of the Portuguese word "Mangue" and the English word "grove". Mangroves are salt-tolerant plants of tropical and subtropical intertidal regions of the world. The specific regions where these plants occur are termed as 'mangrove ecosystem'.
Mangroves and bushes, which grow in the muddy, loose soil of tropical water bodies, are one of the special marine eco-systems. They grow in estuaries, creeks and backwaters sustaining the salinity of water and soil.
Over 8,000 hectares of brackish area in Uttara Kannada district provides an ideal condition for the growth of mangrove forest.
Once, the estuaries of Aghanashini in Kumta taluk and Kali in Karwar taluk had rich mangrove forests, but now, due to gross abuse, neglect and over-exploitation the mangrove areas have become mere wastelands. Source Link

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