Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cloudy skies... and the roaring sea...


For him who struck thy foreign string,
I ween this heart has ceased to care;
Then why dost thou such feelings bring
To my sad spirit--old Guitar?

It is as if the warm sunlight
In some deep glen should lingering stay,
When clouds of storm, or shades of night,
Have wrapt the parent orb away.

It is as if the glassy brook
Should image still its willows fair,
Though years ago the woodman's stroke
Laid low in dust their Dryad-hair.

Even so, Guitar, thy magic tone
Hath moved the tear and waked the sigh:
Hath bid the ancient torrent moan,
Although its very source is dry.
                                           - Emily Bronte.


Leif Hagen said...

Namaskara! Fun to see this dramatic photo of the sea and the clouds above!

Sequim Daily Photo said...

I enjoy being at the beaches here when there is a storm like that! I just don't walk too close to the water.

Jimmy said...

Nice picture and an amazing poem. Thanks! :)

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