Friday, June 24, 2011

Palm-fringed paddy fields...

In this picture - mountains (Western Ghats), coconut trees, paddy fields, cattle, clouds, water, greenery.....

Before and After Rain
The wind has exposed the light undersides of the leaves,
The sky darkens into a mass of ash and bluish grey,
The neem trees, all a-huddle, heave
And sway,
The unploughed fields, dry and parched with pain,
Eagerly await the first reviving flush of rain.

The arid landscape, languishing and about to die,
Weeks later looks refreshingly alive.
Fields covered with saplings moist and green
Present a healing scene.
In the ditch where gurgling waters flow
Reposes a tranquil milch-buffalo.
Tom Prato/Tan Pratonix


Leif Hagen said...

Namasakara! What a wonderful rice patty field photo! I can feel the rain!

Jimmy said...

Awesome! Truly amazing pictures! :) Thank you so much, it feels like you are there!

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