Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fish Curry Rice... From a small hotel

The staple food for most Karwaris (natives of Karwar) and surrounding coastal areas, is Rice and Fish. A plate shown here is so much “filling“ that one invariably has to take a Nap :-)

Shown here is rice, fried Sardine fish, fish curry, salad, veggie dish in a plate.

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dimpy roy said...

Lovely dish. Thanks for sharing. Some of the famous local restaurants include:
Pooornima Restaurant, Main Road, Karwar. (Veg - Moderate expense) Premier Hotel, Green Street , Karwar. (Non-Veg - Expensive) Amruth Bar & Restaurant, Main Road Karwar. (Non-Veg - Moderate) Parvati Fish Land (Non-Veg - Moderate - Fish/Sea Food) Shweta Lunch Home (Non-Veg - Moderate - Fish/Sea Food). Check out all best hotels in Karwar also.