Friday, November 11, 2011


I'd rather be fishing, Than talking to you, 
At least when I'm fishing, I know what to do.
I'd rather hold a blue gill in my hand, 
Than get hit on the head, with a frying pan.

I'd rather be fishing, than look at your face, 
At least the fish don't get on my case.
I'd rather get in a fight, with an alligator garr, 
Than put up with your daily naggin by far.

I'd rather be fishing, any old day, 
Than stay home with you, and try to play.
I'd rather untangle a backlashed line, 
Than spend an evening with you, sipping wine.

Do I love fishing, or do I love you? 
I know it's gotta be one of the two.
To know the answer is what I'm wishing, 
Maybe I'll think of it, while I'm fishing.

- Juan Olivarez 

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