Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Church at Chandavar, Kumta

Chandavar once a big city, is said to have been built by a Muslim King Sarpan Malik (apparently Sherif-ul-Mulk   a General of Bijapur Kingdom). The city declined during the later part of 17thcentury. St. Francis Xavier Church is a large  Roman Catholic Church is held in great veneration by local populace of all communities. 
 The original church of St. Francis Xavier is recorded to have been built in 1678 during the reign of Basappa Nayak of Keladi Nayak dynasty. The church was destroyed in the end of 18th century which is attributed to Tippu Sultan, and was rebuilt in 1801. The church was rebuilt a second time in 1874. The old church, though an imposing edifice was judged to be beyond  normal repairs, and so a new church was built in the area adjacent to the old church.
Church of Sao Francissco Xavier of Chandavar at Kumta

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I love this shot of the old church....amazing isn't it? Thanks for sharing ...