Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Landscape at Kadwad, Karwar

View of the Landscape from the Highest Point at Kadwad village. The water body is the Kali River, and its Backwaters that extend upto Kadwad. The Arabian Sea is also visible on the horizon, along with the Kurumgad Island. This was taken a day before yesterday (sunday), when the Rains had receded for the day...



Light on the landscape -- one effulgent ray
Scatters the shadows of the night away,
Lights up the mountains, robed in living green,
Lights up the valleys, nestling close between,
Discloses pit-falls, deep and wild morass,
The dizzy precipice, and dangerous pass,
And warns the traveler, wending on his way,
To fly the peril while it yet is day.

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Anonymous said...

This is a pretty scene. The water and sky look refreshing to me.

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Kris said...

The rains look like they'll be back.

Anonymous said...



Priya said...

Picture speaks a thousands words.
I love this place my hometown too.
Born here and rather would want to die here.