Sunday, December 7, 2008

Soda "Pop" Bottles in Karwar Market

Codd style bottles are readily identified by their marble stopper. 
The Codd bottle was filled upside down so that as soon the filling stopped, the stopper was forced down to seal the bottle against the rubber ring. 
Pressure inside the bottle would keep the marble pressed against the top of the bottle. 
To open the bottle, the marble was pressed down where it would fall into the neck chamber below. 
If the bottle is held the right way, the marble stays inside the chamber when the bottle is tilted up for drinking. 
Many of these bottles were destroyed when children would routinely break open the bottle to get the marble inside. Text Source
This Soda-pop bottle is truly a eco-friendly piece of engineering design: multiple reuse and no wastage, (patented by Hiram Codd in 1872).

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