Friday, May 14, 2010

Peanut-Crop Fields

Peanut or Ground-nut is normally a 2nd Crop for te farmers in Karwar District. The sand-loamy soil which is water logged during the monsoons, yields a good salt-tolerant Paddy crop in October/November, and when the water dries up, its pefect for sowing the groundnut crop.
This crop does not need much irrigation, and it strives on the ground-water that is left over from the monsoons. The origins of Groundnut Cultivation is not known to the farmers. A Google search on the topic gave me this Info :-
History of the Groundnut Crop -  "...... the Portuguese conquered Goa from Bijapur rulers in 1510. They had a flourishing trade with Vijayanagara, and to whom they supplied horses. Portuguese rule in Goa had far reaching effects. They introduced new floras like groundnut, chilly, tobacco etc., besides printing technology from the New World." - Source
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How interesting. This photo looks like something that could have been taken in Indonesia!

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