Thursday, October 9, 2008

Theme Lines - Figuring out the "Lines"

This Green Vine Snake that i caught on cam at Karwar is said to be mildly venomous, and is an inhabitant of the rainforests of India and nearby areas. It feeds on a variety of small vertebrates, especially frogs. To know more, click this Link ....

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Hilda said...

Eek! I read somewhere that all green snakes are venomous. I would have run away shrieking if I saw this!

Anak Dokan said...

How brave you're taking a picture of green snake. As you took it with the cam for your Nokia, you must took it from quite short distance. Wow..

my blog said...

well thanks for the heads up.


Ming1881 said...

Nice snake pic. Love the color of the subject.

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